About the Artist

Hello, and thank you for visiting my gallery of images that I call “the Fine Art of Photography”. After 18 years in the world of corporate print media, I was called to a deeper, more meaningful artistic vision. In 2001, my life long passion for photography was beginning to reveal a new purpose.  A life changing journey from the San Francisco bay area to Southern California brought me to the Temecula Valley, and it’s pastoral, quiet, and breathtaking wine country.  It is here, in the Temecula Valley wine country where I have found this new creative direction… as a photographer, and most importantly, as an artist. After experimenting with early digital cameras, I decided to combine my extensive graphic arts knowledge in the area of digital print media and my love for photography – to evoke a new style of photographic imagery in an evolving and personal style. This includes creating images with “painterly qualities” which are perfectly suited for the beautiful vineyards, wineries and lifestyles of wine country. The images in these galleries are the product of my photographic vision and personal journey. A journey that I share, and happily continue upon…

I am honored that you are here, visiting my site and perhaps finding some art that will bring joy to you and your family.

Stephen Eldred  ~  June 12, 2018